Election pledges may flow

Member for Mount Gambier Troy Bell

WITH $100m reaffirmed by the current State Government, we can look forward to some serious investment ahead for our city and districts in the areas of health, education, and forestry, as well as the appointment of South Australia’s first Cross Border Commissioner, based in Mount Gambier.

Whilst several key platforms have been adopted out of the Future Mount Gambier and Districts plan, there are a couple of very important initiatives that aren’t included in the current funding agreement and will require a much greater focus from our State Government.

These are the Tourism and Housing for All initiatives.

Tourism, I believe is an enormous economic driver and the benefits spread far and wide throughout our community. We need a focus on product development attracting people to our region and increasing the options available for tourists to deposit their dollars into our region. This will encourage entrepreneurs and investment as well as employment opportunities.

The other big issue facing our city’s prosperity and growth is housing stress and affordability.

With housing prices skyrocketing and rental costs escalating many people are finding it harder to secure long-term housing security.

Agencies are telling me that the current situation is pushing vulnerable people into a form of homelessness for the first time in their lives and they are seeing low-income families with employment unable to secure rental accommodation.

Over the last month, I’ve brought together a dedicated group of people, including frontline agency workers, councils, volunteers, to develop solutions to take to government.

Governments can only do so much and that’s why this local expertise is so important.

Access to safe and secure housing is a fundamental right for all people.