It’s about the community

Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll.

WE live in a fast-paced world of uncertainty, with high expectations, responsibilities, and numerous challenges.

Being caught up with our own daily grind can sometimes mean we take our community for granted and lose our sense of belonging and purpose.

Recently I had the opportunity of visiting local volunteer community groups within the Wattle Range Council area.

It was no surprise to see volunteers forging connections, collaboratively working together, and acknowledging that community involvement serves as the building blocks to community success.

Never underestimate the strength in community volunteering, and what effect it can have.

Communities with high levels of volunteering display high levels of self-belonging, high levels of trust, less crime, and the ability to be able to collectively respond to the challenges and needs of a community.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time volunteering to reap the benefits either.

It’s about time well spent.

Volunteering is about; “I have, or I want to make time; how can I add most value and contribute to my community?’”

People who volunteer will have a higher wellbeing experience and create stronger community connections.

Volunteering will bring clarity, self-satisfaction and a sense of purpose that will empower those who participate.

Speaking to several recent arrivals into our community their leading question was: “Where can I volunteer?”

Each year across Australia, nearly six million volunteers contribute over six hundred million hours to charities and community organisations.

Just as many of us volunteer informally, taking care of essentials such as transport and undertaking domestic work for our communities.

If we look closely at the benefits of volunteering, you’ll understand why so many of us are happy to roll up our sleeves.

Thank you to all those community members who volunteer and engage in your community.

Des Noll


Wattle Range Council