FOR more than 160 years The Border Watch has been a journal of record for our communities. 

Sure, there have been turbulent times, but The Border Watch has proven itself to be extremely resilient, surviving through global economic downturns including The Great Depression and two World Wars, among other more recent testing times with Covid-19 forcing a two month pause, and change of ownership, before it was up and running again and winning State-wide awards.

This week, that resilience, determination and commitment was further demonstrated with the announcement of the relaunch of its historic stable mates, the Penola Pennant and Millicent’s South Eastern Times.

These long standing mastheads have served their respective communities for many years.

In fact, the South Eastern Times is more than 130 years old and the Pennant is 74 years old.

With a combined record of more than 360 years of being a part of our communities, we, as the custodians of these mastheads, have a responsibility to continue to serve our communities as they historically have; as a source of information and as an advocate for each of our local communities.

Our team of journalists and sales representatives are part of the local community living and breathing the day to day issues we, as a community, face.

We, like everyone else, are affected by the challenges and jubilations, and we have the job of recording those ups and downs and advocating for our communities and keeping governments at all levels accountable for the decisions that affect our communities.

We strongly believe in supporting our communities, the individuals who want their issues known, document events and delivering an accurate record of history for generations to come.

This means our commitment to the region is second to none.