AS the dawn of a new year approaches, so does the new approach to dealing with the pandemic.

Let’s face it, SA Health has lost control of Covid-19.

Exposure sites are now not listed until days after an infected individual has potentially spread the virus and individuals who may have been exposed to Covid-19 are not being contacted by contact tracing teams.

With case numbers rising it appears that we now need to get accustomed to living with Covid-19 in our communities.

With that comes individual responsibilities and most importantly, respect for others.

The Border Watch is well aware of some individuals who claim it’s their ‘civil right’ not to wear masks in indoor public places – nothing is further from the truth.

Not only is it a requirement by law but it’s also putting at risk others in the community.

These selfish acts of ignorance, no doubt, have their origins in social media.

One report to this paper was a woman who walked into a shop refusing to wear a mask brandishing her phone showing a Facebook post that said shops can be fined for asking people to leave if they are not wearing a mask – what rubbish.

Everyone has the right to not get vaccinated but every business has the lawful responsibility to adhere to the law and in turn protect the wider community.

It’s not rocket science, without a mask the virus has a much better chance of spreading.

Just think about it a little harder, next time you have surgery, would you ask your surgeon and other theater medical staff not to wear a mask while operating on you?

I doubt it.

Please don’t attempt to intimidate shop assistants, think of others and wear a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth – it’s not too much to ask for.