Wonderful Wulanda

Last week councillors Sonya Mezinec, Frank Morello, Max Bruins and I toured the Wulanda Recreation and Convention Centre which is currently under construction at Olympic Park on Margaret Street.

The structure is developing at an amazing pace given the challenges of building such a major and complex project during the COVID pandemic.

I always knew it would be challenging to build at this time, particularly due to periodic lockdowns in South Australia and the procurement of goods and contractors from Victoria.

However, hats off to head contractor Badge for pushing on through troubled times to keep the building moving.

I only visited the site a few weeks ago with Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin and I was amazed to see the progress since that time, with kilometres of cabling installed in the interior framework ready to connect technology to the building.

The iron roofing is almost finished and the solar panels are sitting in boxes ready to be installed.

Change rooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms and the youth space are all taking form, along with the three indoor pools and the amazing splash zone that will delight the young folk in our community.

Standing on the floor of the courts I felt dwarfed by the enormity of the structure and its sheer beauty which will be enhanced as the limestone walls are completed.

This facility is going to be life changing for our community and I cannot wait until our residents see the finished product.

I congratulate and thank all of the contractors and tradies – and I understand there are 80 working on the site at the present time – who are working together to create Wulanda – it certainly will be a place to cherish and enjoy.

A beautiful name for a beautiful building.

Lynette Martin

Mayor, City of Mount Gambier