Farm safety for all ages

STAY SAFE ON THE LAND: Member for Barker Tony Pasin.

THIS week is National Farm Safety Week.

Themed ‘Farm Safety Through The Ages – From 2-92’, the message aims to highlight the key safety issues and risks that are most prevalent throughout the different life stages of a farmer, in the hope it will reduce

the risk of injury, illness and fatalities.

In 2020, agriculture was again ranked as the second most dangerous industry to work in by rate of fatalities.

The number of farm-related fatalities in this country has not shifted dramatically in a decade.

We must do more to lower these numbers.

There is no doubt that farm life can offer a wonderful upbringing for children who love to be involved in the everyday work on a family farm, and the opportunities this brings, but with opportunity comes risk.

Tragically, nearly one in five fatalities on a farm are children who are under the age of 15.

As adults, it is imperative that we construct a safe environment through active supervision and age-appropriate activities on farm.

Aussie farmers aged over 50 account for half of all farming fatalities.

These are farmers with generations of experience and knowledge.

With that knowledge comes responsibility in facilitating their own safety, avoiding complacency, and leading by example while teaching future generations about the importance of safety.

This week and every week let’s embrace family farming at all ages but let’s make an effort to increase safety and instil a safe culture for future generations.

Tony Pasin,

Member for Barker