Rainbow flag decision praise

DECISION PRAISE: The Wattle Range Council will fly the rainbow flag in Pride Month, bringing a splash of colour similar to that seen in Millicent's George Street mural.

LGBTIQA+ Limestone Coast Connect is the region’s only active LGBTIQA+ group and is in the process of building it’s presence and awareness.

We applaud the efforts of Cr Dunnicliff, Cr Muhovis and Deputy Mayor Neagle in supporting the diversity and inclusion of the Wattle Range community.

We appreciate the token of support shown and are looking forward to being part of the display in the Millicent Library during Pride Month.

The group hopes that the six flags are used appropriately and widely across the whole council area, with the community showing respect for the flags by not destroying or vandalising the flags.

LGBTIQA+ Limestone Coast Connect is planning on having a local event in November for Pride Month to correspond with the Feast Festival activities that are happening in Adelaide.

It saddens us that, still in 2021, that some members of the community feel the need to denigrate, harass and bully a marginal section of society.

We hope that in time this changes and that the Wattle Range area and the Limestone Coast is seen as a place to live that is safe and welcoming for LGBTIQA+ people.

Patrick Smith,

LGBTIQA+ Limestone Coast Connect