Call for action on kangaroos

I’m writing to express my concern at the number of kangaroos lining the sides of the road while travelling between Millicent and Mount Gambier.

I believe urgent action to cull them or an alternative action is needed before lives are lost.

As a section of the prime highway around Australia, it is even more concerning.

Locals are constantly looking out for the roos, but tourists have no idea of how treacherous this section of the road has become and they are at an increased risk.

A few months ago, a family member who travels to work in Mount Gambier as a shift worker collected 2 roos on the way to work in the early morning.

The car was a write-off and according to a crash repairer, it was the seventh car for the week that had hit a kangaroo.

The crash has been expensive (the new car has wrap-around bull bars, additional lighting and an electronic shoo-roo installed), but the fear of travelling that stretch of road to and from work daily has been quite stressful and, as family, we fear for their safety.

Please consider taking some urgent action, we don’t want to wait until someone dies.

Deb Kirby,