Weed management a shared responsibility

PEST PLANTS: A small infestation of khaki weed, a declared weed native to South America, was identified and treated near Keith last year.

The Landscape SA Act of 2019 replaced the NRM with Limestone Coast Landscape Board in the south east of South Australia.

I am sure it is not just councillors but those without smart phones and even computers who are not necessarily aware of these changes and confusion surrounding weeds and responsibilities continues.

Outdated information is still being shared.

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board will be sending a letter to all landholders outlining compliance obligations, particularly in road reserves, so watch out for it and make sure you read it.

Boards can charge landholders for spraying declared weeds where they persist through negligence.

Weed officers also deal with declared weeds in urban areas.

Tracking and tracing weeds in the Limestone Coast is well underway with the more efficient use of technology and data bases now which can be shared and handed on.

New owners and managers on properties should have a record of such information from previous managers.

Practising machinery hygiene and holding and checking new stock for contamination/elimination is also highly recommended to prevent hours of work and expense further down the track.

Weed officers are happy to visit and help landholders resolve weed issues and the calibre of these young people is excellent, with the Naracoorte weed officer changing the spray mix to eliminate

resistant weeds at Naracoorte Livestock Exchange after years of glyphosate for example.

It was concerning to read of Chilean Needle Grass up near One Tree Hill but it is in other spots as well and seems to be taking years to eradicate.

Texas needlegrass and Serrated Tussock are also very bad weeds to have in the landscape.

Every ounce of co-operation is needed in tackling these prolific seeders which damage the eyes of animals.

Hopefully changes to the Act will encourage landholder co-operation.

Hopefully there will also be no more cutbacks to funding for Landscape Boards who are also starting to make effective use of drones and who have a huge educative role to play in saving the country billions of dollars.

Heather Heggie,