Roundhouse ‘neglect’ disappoints

OVERGROWN: National Trust of South Australia Mount Gambier branch chair Nathan Woodruff inspects the old Roundhouse site.

It’s disappointing to again see the area of land around the old Roundhouse building being neglected by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

In 2018 I expressed my concerns to the State Government through council about the 2m high dry grass, and was told they “were aware of their responsibilities” and that the area would be cleared “within a week or two”.

More than two weeks later and a section of the grass had been slashed (just days out from the start of the Fire Danger Season) and then seemingly forgotten about again.

Two years later and the site hasn’t changed at all: still untidy, still a fire hazard, still not being maintained properly, and still seemingly nothing being done at a state level about the future of the site.

Well done to Nathan Woodruff and other passionate locals for constantly pushing for more to be done.

Josh Lynagh,

Mount Gambier