OPINION: 2020 has not gone to plan

The Border Watch columnist Moira Neagle

By Moira Neagle “Now Here’s A Thought“

It’s been a funny old year.

At the start of the year, I gave a lot of thought to things I wanted to get done and events I wanted to attend.

You know, if you write plans down then it is meant to increase your success rate.

I did get to visit my older brother and sister in law in Busselton in late February, early March.

I got that one in by the skin of my teeth.

I began investigating doing a Masters degree online but university staff were swamped with the immediate additional work of putting a whole range of courses online.

So that didn’t progress.

My defined 2020 goals were dissipating into the either of lockdown.

We have been remarkably fortunate to avoid the worst of the pandemic to date.

Just occasionally there is benefit in living in a quiet part of the world.

From our cattle yards, we can see the traffic travelling along the bypass around Millicent.

In March and April it was quiet, very quiet.

Skywards, transcontinental flights were no longer visible or audible.

I noted that I had taken on a degree of ingrained pandemic thinking: automatically standing away from people, carrying handwash in the car and using my banking card rather than cash.

Now, when I’m watching a movie, I will automatically think, “those people are standing way too close together.”

The amount of plastic used this year must be astronomically scary.

Just in medical settings the PPE required would be building a mountain of waste.

However, when I go to get green beans at the supermarket, I’m leaning towards the prepacked rather than put my hand into open caches of beans and wondering who else has done this without sanitizing their hands on entry to the store.

And it won’t stop on December 31.