LETTER: Volunteers receive registration support

Evelyn O’Loughlin, Volunteering SA&NT chief executive

VOLUNTEERING SA&NT has been given funding to formally manage registrations for volunteers during the pandemic.

As the only official site for volunteering in South Australia, registrations are welcome from people who have the time and skills, to either volunteer now, or into the future.

As with any emergency, it is often in the recovery stage that more volunteers are needed.

Our team is working with community organisations to determine their needs for additional volunteers, especially those for essential services.

In the short term, volunteers may be required to help with transportation, data entry, administration, delivering supplies, conducting wellbeing checks or providing call centre support.

Over the coming weeks and months, more positions will become available as organisations return to pre-pandemic conditions and experience an increase in demand for services.

With the welcome news of the easing of pandemic restrictions this week and as long as the necessary guidelines are strictly adhered too, volunteers can start to resume their volunteering positions.

Volunteer involving organisations will need to ensure their volunteering programs comply with the current directions outlined by the Government of South

Australia to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their volunteers and staff.

This includes social distancing, gathering restrictions, as well as good hand and cough hygiene.

It has not been an easy time for the vulnerable group of volunteers that have had to temporarily step down and we would like to commend you on your patience and understanding.

We sincerely thank all volunteers for their contribution during the pandemic.

To register as a volunteer during COVID-19, visit www.volunteeringsa-nt.org.au or download the free WeDo App.

Evelyn O’Loughlin,

Volunteering SA&NT chief executive