LETTER: Generosity shines during crisis

IT IS not so easy to go to the supermarket to shop for essentials because I need to use taxis.

I signed up on the Woolies online site as a vulnerable person who needs home delivery service.

While I really appreciate this service I am not able to buy toilet paper, tissues, wipes and other products I need because they are not available for delivery.

My needs are complicated because I live with a total colectomy and the affects of multiple bowel surgeries.

I use at least five rolls of toilet paper every day and personal hygiene is essential to me, as is general cleaning of my home and clothing.

I posted my frustrations on social media about being fearful to go out and shop for essentials at this time of COVID-19 and social distancing rules.

An act of kindness from Maxine Tuffnell arrived on my front doorstep.

The bag of goodies included four toilet rolls, one box of tissues, a bottle of hand lotion, tomatoes from her garden and eight pieces of chocolate.

It was so good for the soul.

Thank you Maxine and thank you also to Sharon Tuffnell who kindly gave me some of her tomatoes last week, which I turned into yummy soup.

Ebony Jackson, Mount Gambier