LETTER: Cancer support vital in pandemic

Lincoln Size,  Cancer Council SA chief executive

I WOULD like to sincerely thank the South Australian community for the support received so far during this unprecedented time in Australia’s history.

As we all know, Australia has entered into uncharted territory.

The recent bushfires, economic downturn and the current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us in very real and challenging ways.

Cancer Council SA continues to offer accommodation to regional South Australians in our facilities on Greenhill Road and Dequetteville Terrace.

We have modified our services to ensure we are following Department of Health recommendations for social distancing.

Whilst our communal areas have been closed or restricted, our wonderful chefs are providing an affordable takeaway service Monday to Friday.

Our Transport to Treatment Service continues, with passenger numbers reduced in our buses and other community vehicles to comply with social distancing.

The service is in high demand and our wonderful staff from across the organisation have jumped on board, helping drive guests to and from hospital to ensure we can still get people to treatment safely and on time.

From next week, we will also be implementing a phone check in support service, where the Cancer Council SA team will be contacting guests on a regular basis for a friendly chat to make sure they feel supported and connected during this time.

As always, our 131 120 service continues to be available to offer phone and online support to all South Australians impacted by cancer, with locally-trained cancer nurses available during business hours to provide essential information to those who need it most.

The sudden and overwhelming emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic will not stop the impact of cancer in our community and in some instances may exacerbate it – which is why community support is so vital.

If you are able, a donation made via the Cancer Council SA website would be greatly appreciated.

I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my fellow South Australians for their generosity during this time.

You have made an invaluable difference to the lives of the 27 South Australians diagnosed with cancer every day.

Thank you.

Lincoln Size
chief executive
Cancer Council SA