Community event success

A NUMBER of years ago, the late Barry Maney OAM had a vision of holding a business fundraising event to raise money for homeless people.

While this event may have started as a mere pipe-dream, the event has grown to become one of the region’s most prominent fundraising events.

Mr Maney – who was a successful businessman, philanthropist and community leader – used his position and influence to get the business community together for the greater good.

This enduring philosophic legacy has filtered across the community, ensuring this key fundraising event continues to be part of Mount Gambier’s biennial calendar.

In particular, the business people and community members who helped organise Friday’s event must be commended for continuing this altruistic and compassionate philosophy.

The luncheon raised a staggering $125,000 for’s homelessness services, which is a record-breaking tally for the event. plays a pivotal role in our community providing services to disadvantaged and individuals.

Undoubtedly, the money will go a long way in helping the welfare-focused agency provide more services or enhance its current services.

While homeless people are not often seen sleeping on street corners or parks in Mount Gambier, the reality is homelessness is a major problem across our community.

We cannot turn our backs on families – including children – who have nowhere to turn in their time of need.

The Blue Lake city is not immune to socio-economic issues such as under-privilege, poverty and family violence.

All these factors can contribute to homelessness in our own backyard.

While some may want to turn a blind eye to the problem, our community is leading the way and showing it is willing to come together to help people in need.

Each of us can make a difference if we come together as a collective.