OPINION: ‘Dinosaur armed ad dangerous with a mobile phone

By Graham Greenwood

MY first association with a mobile telephone was back in 1988 when playing for Grange Cricket Club.

One of the so-called batting stars of the team who had just dropped down from district level had acquired a “new toy” called a mobile phone.

It was the size of a brick, weighed just as much, was just as effective and he walked around cricket practice all evening holding the phone to his ear, pretending to make business deals with people around the country.

I know the old joke that says that when he was pretending to talk with someone the phone actually rang – that did not happen but it was obvious he was showing off his new toy.

Certainly no-one believed that toy would later become such an essential part of life.

I got my first mobile phone when working as editor-in-chief in Perth.

I remember it was just before I took charge of a new company vehicle.

My manager Trish Seeney was keen to take a look at the new car which


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