NRM cops spray

A PRICKLY ISSUE: Grant District Council outgoing chief executive officer Trevor Smart, Member for Mount Gambier Troy Bell and council’s works manager Adrian Schutz show the weeds growing along the roadside on the outskirts of Mount Gambier.

THE South East Natural Resources Management Board has come under fire for scrapping its weed spraying services across the region, which has triggered an angry backlash from farmers and community leaders.

Member for Mount Gambier Troy Bell yesterday weighed in on the issue, calling on the board to reinstate the services that were dumped last week.

Councils and farmers have been left



What a disgrace NRM are. My NRM levey has grown by 600% in the last 3 years and they perform abysmally. Best if Grant DC do not collect NRM levey on their behalf then we can refuse to pay for services not rendered.

It would be nice if Troy Bell would actually interact with local licenced and insured spray operators in the the district on this issue .Because they haven’t scrapped it they are looking to out source it . In my 20 years personally and 40 years of the business we have not been contacted once about (until last week ) thier weed control . So to reply to Peter Lamond we are here and you know us and our fees are on par with the NRM the services are still available. And we are in a position to help and we have been in discussion with the NRM and we feel we can provide the NRM service to their standard or better .

Probably better. For once I agree with Bomah, stop collecting money for services not provided council. Enough of our money goes to Adelaide public transport already! Our taxes pay for free buses to football, free buses when the trains break down, free buses everytime a polician farts. Enough already! We dont pay taxes in the country for city people to get everything free!

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