Noll tops poll

MAYOR ELECT: Former police officer Des Noll will be the new mayor of Wattle Range Council after securing 55pc of the vote at the local government election.

WATTLE Range Council’s new mayor says his first order of business will include exploring disparities in rates after a convincing win in the Local Government elections.

Former police officer Des Noll has been declared provisional winner of the mayoral election, polling 2343 votes – or 55pc of total votes – ahead of first-term councillor Dennis Muhovics on 1897 votes.

Mr Noll flagged an investigation into rate differences for rural ratepayers and retaining the Millicent saleyards, which will be up for discussion next year, as his top priorities.

“A lot was said about rates during the campaign and I am really keen to look at the rate process, look at the disparity and see what can be done,” Mr Noll said.

“It is my intention to maintain the saleyards in its current state, while at the same time looking at the financial issues that are occurring there.

“I am sure with some financial


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