Next gen police cars put to test

ON THE ROAD: New vehicle options are being assessed by SA Police.

IMPORTED black police patrol cars may soon be seen on South East roads.

South Australia Police officers are now trialling the use of the German-made Holden ZB Commodores along with the continuing trial of the Kia Sorrento, which started in mid-January 2018.

As part of the modernisation of the police fleet, there will be a corresponding trial of the new police markings and logos, which will be prominently displayed on all of the trial vehicles.

The ZB Commodores have been secured in a range of colours, including silver, white and black.

The Kia Sorrentos are currently in white, dark grey and silver blue.

Silver-coloured Commodores will be trialled for general traffic duties and white Commodores will be trialled for general duties.



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