Speeders called out

SLOW DOWN: RAA senior manager safety and infrastructure Charles Mountain warned people to slow down on regional roads. Picture: SUPPLIED

Mount Gambier/ Berrin’s Sutton Avenue has been identified as one of regional South Australia’s top speeding camera locations.

The road came in at number four in 2023, with 588 drivers caught going above the 50km/h limit, and $230,321 in fines being handed down.

For fixed speed cameras, 563 speedsters were caught between Ki Ki and Coonalpyn on the Dukes Highway, copping $325,030 in fines.

RAA senior manager safety and infrastructure Charles Mountain said exceeding the speed limit by even a small amount increased the risk of a serious crash.

“Excessive speed is one of the fatal five causes of road trauma – and contributes to 30 per cent of fatal crashes on our roads,” he said.

The top 10 regional fixed and top 10 regional mobile speed camera lists show thousands of drivers are driving faster than the speed limit across the state.

Mr Mountain said this could be dangerous for everyone.

“Drivers need to be aware that even small increases in speed mean you will travel a longer distance before you can react and bring your vehicle to a stop if something unexpected occurs on the road,” he said.

He said about 70 per cent of lives lost on SA roads occurred in the state’s regions and warned people to be alert.

“With school holidays beginning this week, many motorists may be heading to our regions with their families during the next fortnight, so this is a timely reminder that exceeding the speed limit puts yourself and other road users at risk,” he said.

“We must remember to drive to the conditions and at a speed that allows us to safely respond to unexpected situations or come to a safe stop if required.

“It’s also still important to be vigilant near schools even during the holiday period as some will be offering holiday programs so children may be present, particularly during drop off and pick up times.”