Flight reductions up in the air

REDUCTIONS: Flight reductions between Mount Gambier and Melbourne will continue until at least October. Picture: File

Sophie Conlon

Despite adding more, and increasing, capital city routes and leasing three new planes in 2023, Rex Airlines has announced it will prolong flight reductions on the Mount Gambier/ Melbourne route until at least October 2024.

In April last year the airline announced there would be reduced flights on the local route, along with eight others, timing changes to four and the complete suspension of another.

Rex’s general manager of network strategy Warrick Lodge said at the time these “minor changes” were thanks to a “chronic shortage of airline professionals” and a disruption of the aircraft supply chain.

In September Rex announced there would be further reductions to seven New South Wales routes, the suspension of one and the complete withdrawal of a route in Queensland thanks to the “relentless pillaging of Rex’s pilot group”.

At the same time, Rex announced the changes made in April- including the Mount Gambier/ Melbourne route- would be in effect until at least March 31, 2024.

Now, Rex has confirmed these changes will remain in effect until at least October 27.

Mr Lodge said Rex preferred to reduce services if it did not have the resources to fly them.

“Rex is committed to the rebuilding of its regional network and intends to return to the standard flight schedules from 27 October 2024, subject to the situation improving,” he said.