Up close with Cosentino

MAGIC SHOW: Cosentino will be returning to Mount Gambier/ Berrin for two shows on his Decennium tour. Picture: Supplied

Sophie Conlon

World famous magician and illusionist Cosentino will be gracing the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre stage as he makes his way across the country on his Decennium tour.

Cosentino said he was looking forward to the back to back performances as shows at smaller venues, like the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, could be more exciting.

“Every venue, every town, every city, every country, is extremely different,” he said.

“And what’s even more interesting to me as an artist is, every show within that town or country is different, based on the night.

“But there’s something special that happens when you put it in a regional venue.”

He said being close enough to the crowed to hear their gasps and see their reactions was exciting.

“It’s far more intimate, but feels more connected to the audience,” he said.

“I think they get a better show.”

Decennium: The greatest hits tour will see Cosentino perform cutting-edge street magic, mind-boggling stage illusions, and death-defying escapes.

“But the show is a little bit more than that,” Cosentino said.

“It’s good to dance, the costumes, we bring our own lighting in there and bring our own AV projector screens.

“It’s a lot funnier, that people think it’s a lot more interactive.”

Through the 90 minute show Cosentino said he aimed to build a relationship with the audience before the last stunt of the show “Stabbed” which included 18 kitchen knives and 350 identical keys.

“I want to build a rapport with the audience, interact with them, get them involved, make them laugh, tell a few stories,” he said.

Cosentino said seeing a magic show live was a different experience to watching it on TV and encouraged people to come along.

“But then when you come to the live show, and you’re watching someone disappear right before your eyes then reappear, and you think, “hang on, that’s not a special effect I’m watching it with my own eyes”, or you come up on stage, and you examine the knives and you realise they’re not fake… all of a sudden, the magic is far more potent than you would expect.”

While he would love to get out and see what Mount Gambier/ Berrin has to offer while here for two nights, Cosentino said he would be spending so much time at Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre that he might not get a chance.

Cosentino will be performing at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre on Saturday, February 24, and Sunday, February 25.

For information and tickets visit cosentino.com.au/tours/