Keith newest hockey star to represent South Australia

Hannah Harkness is selected for SA U13 Hockey team. Picture: Linda Andersen

Neave Moore

One of Keith’s up and coming young athletes has been selected to represent South Australia in the under 13 state hockey team.

Hannah Harkness has been selected to represent the state after multiple camps and sessions, and has been playing hockey since 2020, playing in four local seasons.

Hannah said that her friends and family played hockey, which spiked her interest and she has enjoyed her handful of seasons playing the sport locally.

“My friends were playing hockey at school, and my parents have done it, so I wanted to have a try of it, and that’s how I got into it,” she said.

“I really enjoyed it in my first season and have kept playing since.

“First, I had to go to Berri for a zone try-out, then I played in a carnival at the start of April in Adelaide against the rest of the state and then I was selected into a squad of 40 and there were three training camps I had to go to.

“Then after the training camps, I was selected into the team of 18.”

Hannah said that there was a lot of training leading up to being selected for the South Australian Under 13 team and she has enjoyed meeting her teammates and other hockey players around the state in her age category.

“I had to get to know my new teammates at the camps and other events,” she said.

“I really enjoyed being able to play with such a high level team.”

Hannah said that she wants to keep playing hockey after she finishes school and said that it is important to play a sport to have fun.

“I definitely want to help playing at a high level, but I do play hockey for fun, because I enjoy it,” she said.

“I really want to thank the Tatiara Hockey Association and my parents and friends for supporting me.

“My parents had to take me to the camps and all the games and I am very thankful for them.”