Representing change

Grant District Council Mayoral candidate Kylie Boston. Picture: File.

Elsie Adamo

MAYORAL candidate for Grant District Council, Kylie Boston, said she is representing change this Council election.

Cr Boston has been a Councillor for the district’s Central Ward for the term, and said while she is surprised to be nominating, she believes the Council is in need of a change in leadership.

“I never dreamed I would be putting my hand up to be Mayor four years ago,” Cr Boston said.

“The opportunity has arisen; we are looking for change in our Council in our leadership team.

“It is time for a change, something I think I can do is bring the elected members together.

“It is about fresh ideas, being able to work together as a team.”

Cr Boston said she was able to work well with the current Council, and believes she has the right leadership style to make the team cohesive.

“I did not know many of the elected members very well before I started, and it has been a great to get to know them and have a great relationship over the four years which has been really enjoyable,” she said.

“Often a lot of our decisions are not black and white, it is really difficult, there are two sides to everything.

“It is really about everyone working together so we get to the best outcome.”

The focus of her campaign, Ms Boston said, would be consultation and a community first focus.

“It is really important we are open and transparent; I am always open for people to come and chat to me because that is how we get our feedback,” she said.

“My focus is the ratepayers and residents; you have got to look after the ratepayers first and I think I can do that.

“I am active everywhere within the local community, I live here, and my kids are involved here as well.”

In her talks with local community, Cr Boston said roads and infrastructure improvements have been big topics.

“We are looking at upgrading the local playgrounds, a lot of them are infrastructure that has been in for 20 odd years,” she said.

“The majority of our Council is agriculture, so the Saleyards is also a vital link for us.”

Cr Boston said her one of her main achievements in her term as Council was helping to establish an area masterplan.

“Around 80 per cent of our residents live within that inland area…I have been pushing to get a masterplan for that so I am excited it is about to launch,” Cr Boston said.

“I hope it is one the local community get behind and come and tell us what they see as their vision for their towns for the next 10-15 years.”

While there is a long way to go until the election closes in November, Cr Boston said she has been pleased so far with the campaign.

Cr Boston has lived in Yahl for 24 years with her family, and said she has become deeply acquainted with the region and how it works in that time.

“I live near Yahl, I am really proud of our community and what we do out here,” she said.

“I think that is what is exciting about the Grant District Council, we are made up of exciting little communities like Yahl.

“Part of why I ran four years ago, I felt we were not necessarily giving enough focus to our townships that do surround Mount Gambier.”

Since talking to The Border Watch earlier this month, Cr Boston said her position of the amalgamation plebiscite has not changed.

“While we still do not have a lot of details on that, when you do not understand what we are voting for you have to vote no,” she said.