Sage apologises

SORRY: Mayor Richard Sage has finally apologised to Council after being found in breach for not doing so earlier.

GRANT District Council Mayor Richard Sage has apologised to Councilor Shirley Little, Deputy Mayor Gill Clayfield and council staff in a meeting on Monday night.

Mr Sage apologised for multiple instances of comments made in previous council meetings which council members deemed inappropriate.

The apology came after Mr Sage was found in breach of code compliance by a Local Government Governance Panel investigation for previously refusing to do so.

Mr Sage was required to apologise to council l for his conduct and apologise to Cr Little, the Little family and Cr Clayfield for his conduct no later than August 15.

Due to Cr Little and Cr Clayfield being absent from the meeting, Cr Kylie Boston suggested Mr Sage wait until the next meeting to make his apology.

Mr Sage said this was impossible due to the apologies being mandated to be completed by August 15.