Worldwide Knit in Public Day

KNITTING SENSATION: Twisted Threads members Elayne Lesaro, Merryl Couche and Julianne Woodruff participate in Worldwide Knit in Public Day at the Mount Gambier Library.

Charlotte Varcoe

DESPITE not being as busy as previous years, avid knitter and Twisted Threads member Julianne Woodruff called Worldwide Knit in Public Day another success.

Aimed at proving that knitting is fun for all ages and not just elderly people, Worldwide Knit in Public Day -held on recently – encourages others to try and pick up the skill.

Twisted Threads members, who have been involved with the international day since 2014, sat at the Mount Gambier Library on Saturday, June 11 from 9am until 1pm to work on their projects in person and educate those interested in how to best learn the skill.

Ms Woodruff said a large number of members came together by mid-morning, yet this year the library was not as busy as previously.

“Despite not being a busy as usual we still had people approach us which was the point,” Ms Woodruff said.

“We chose to host it in the library because it usually is quite busy and it is also where Twisted Threads meet, is easily accessible for everyone and the library is always very accommodating for us.”

Ms Woodruff said members enjoyed Worldwide Knit in Public Day due to the promotion of the craft and encouraging people of all ages to join in.

“Knitting and crocheting is not just for grannies, people of all ages can do all different kinds of knitting and it is great for hand-eye coordination while also bringing in mathematics and a lot of other skills,” she said.

“It also provides a meditative state of mind due to having to concentrate on what they are doing and a lot of people find it very calming because it is a relaxing thing to do plus people get something out of it when they finish.”

Those interested in learning more about knitting or crocheting or needing advice are encouraged to meet the Twisted Threads group at the Mount Gambier Library on Wednesday mornings from 9am until 12pm.