Chief executive hands over the reins

HANDING OVER THE REINS: Boandik Lodge chief executive officer Gillian McGinty has finished her position at the aged care facility.

Charlotte Varcoe

AFTER more than two decades working at Boandik Lodge chief executive officer Gillian McGinty has handed over the reins.

Leaving the Lake Terrace head office last week for the final time, Ms McGinty has clocked up 23 years at the facility, first starting at the aged care facility as a finance manager before eventually moving into the top job.

Prior to her role in the facility, she worked in a not-for-profit organisation, which she found very rewarding and wanted to continue in, so when the position at Boandik Lodge became available, she applied.

Ms McGinty said she had experienced a lot of change in her time with Boandik, as well as positive improvements to care and client services.

“The expansion of both residential and community services in Boandik has been fantastic to see as well as being able to offer such a diverse range of community programs,” she said.

“There was also the upgrade of the Lake Terrace buildings and changing them from the original buildings which were there in the 50s and 60s into wide open spaces and large rooms.”

Ms McGinty said it was also a pleasure to watch residents respond to the use of technology and embrace the changes.

“The best part of the job was definitely being able to work with the residents on a daily basis and work within the residential home itself,” she said.

“We get to chat with the residents and hear from them directly about the care and services needed so we can make changes and improve on what we are doing to meet their needs.”

Despite the endless positive experiences, Ms McGinty said her time at Boandik had not been without its challenges.

She said gaining skilled staff had been particularly difficult, specifically finding registered and enrolled nurses.

“Covid has also had a huge impact on what is already a really busy organisation,” Ms McGinty said.

“The biggest challenge I have faced is probably the continual change in regulations and legislation around aged care and having to adapt and implement those across the diverse organisation.

“This includes Covid because it has had such an impact with legislation regulation.”

Moving forward, Ms McGinty said she was planning to relocate to Murray Bridge in order to be closer to her family.

“Over the years I have worked with some amazing staff and all the staff have been so committed to ensuring the residents can live as they choose and the clients can also do the same,” she said.

“I greatly appreciate the support the staff have provided over the years to enable us to be able to grow as an organisation and the board which has always committed itself to Boandik.”