Heritage tree listing on the cards

TREE REGISTRAR ON THE CARDS: Mount Gambier history enthusiast Lynn Lowe has supported the idea of putting together a heritage tree registrar.

Charlotte Varcoe

MOUNT Gambier history enthusiast Lynn Lowe has supported the idea of a heritage tree registrar to record and preserve important trees in Mount Gambier.

The idea was presented to Mount Gambier City Council during its April meeting when elected members discussed council’s current tree policy.

Councillor Paul Jenner questioned whether a heritage tree registrar would be worth developing as part of council’s tree policy with elected members supporting the query and council staff confirming there was no current registrar.

According to council documents, a heritage tree is defined as one which is of “special historical or social significance” within the local area.

Speaking on the proposal, Ms Lowe said the registrar would provide great benefit to the region by allowing members of the public to research heritage trees if there was a proposal to remove them.

“Some of the heritage trees around Mount Gambier are part of gardens that reach around 100 years old and they really do need the protection and looking after,” Ms Lowe said.

“The last time we were made aware of heritage trees there were around 30 in Mount Gambier including the trees on Doughty Street and those in the Botanical Gardens.”

Ms Lowe said having the registrar available would protect the trees for future generations while also keeping the past active, stating it was similar to keeping track of heritage buildings.

A previous heritage tree registrar was put in place by council in 2007 and lasted for several years before being disbanded after the Mount Gambier heritage advisory group’s survey.

“Since the previous registrar was disbanded there has been no protection on particular trees since and so if it does go ahead then it will be great.”