New face to morning tea fundraiser

NEW FACES: The 2022 Biggest Morning Tea will have new faces to its name this year with host Karen Petersen and committee member Sara McManus as they celebrate the event alongside other committee members Deanne Carmody, Scott Collins and Josephine Patzel.

Charlotte Varcoe

A NEW face to one of the most anticipated annual fundraisers has already organised a sell-out event with Karen Petersen hosting this year’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Previous organiser, Lois Bayre, handed over the reins this year after more than 20 years.

Ms Bayre announced her retirement from hosting the event last year, stating it was time for her to move on.

Now, Ms Petersen is looking forward to taking on the lasting legacy of Ms Bayre who contributed more than $150,000 worth of fundraising efforts to the Cancer Council.

Speaking with The Border Watch, Ms Petersen said she decided to take on the event after reading about Ms Bayre’s retirement.

“My family has been touched by cancer, I lost my sister 22 years ago and started doing the Biggest Morning Tea at my workplaces and I also host the Girls Night In each year as well,” Ms Petersen said.

“I have been running these fundraising events for over a decade now and when I heard Ms Bayre was going to stop hosting the Biggest Morning Tea after so long I thought it needed to keep going for the sake of the community.”

Ms Petersen said she ran into Ms Bayre outside the shops one evening, stopped her in her tracks and asked if anyone was willing to take over.

Upon hearing nobody had offered yet, Ms Petersen agreed and soon began planning.

“The money that gets raised goes to the Cancer Council in Adelaide for support, research and prevention services which I think is so important,” Ms Petersen said.

“I thought seeing as though I have the time to step up and take on the role I may as well do it because cancer is not going away.”

Ms Petersen said it was an honour to continue Ms Bayre’s legacy within the community and was surprised by the response from the community.

“I feel very confident moving forward but I have had to lean a lot on my family and friends but I also have an amazing committee to support me as well,” she said.

“I am sure I can pull this off because we all have the same vision at the end of the day.

“I know I have big shoes to fill but I think we can pull it off and I hope it will be an amazing day, hopefully we can sit down as a committee afterwards and celebrate.”

A number of traditions will be held on the day including Redgum’s fashion parade and the trading table which was in memory of Ms Bayre’s late husband.

Channel Nine and Cancer Council ambassador Will McDonald will also be attending via video link to speak with guests on the upgrades made to Greenhill Lodge in Adelaide.

The event will be held at the Blue Lake Bar and Bistro on May 27 with a waiting list for tickets already underway.