Australian Federation Party visits Mount Gambier

HANTON IN MOUNT: Australian Federation Party Barker candidate Kym Hanton visited Mount Gambier over the weekend.

Charlotte Varcoe

THE Limestone Coast missed out on any key spending pledges from the Australian Federation Party, despite a visit from Barker candidate Kym Hanton.

There were no Limestone Coast specific policies announced by Mr Hanton as he visited the region for the first time recently.

Mr Hanton appeared in Mount Gambier over the weekend where he met with locals to discuss issues specific to the area before participating in a number of social media livestreams with other minor party candidates.

Speaking with The Border Watch, Mr Hanton said his trip to Mount Gambier was to find out what issues were important to residents and to understand what people were looking for in a candidate.

“I wanted to know what the people of Mount Gambier are looking for because that is what the campaigning part is all about,” Mr Hanton said.

“We find out what our constituents want and then represent that in Parliament so we can try and make things better.”

He said one of the main issues was unemployment and that he would look at why it was an issue and how businesses have come to the difficulties in the first place.

“I was also in Mount Gambier to find out what industries there are in Mount Gambier and how I can better help them,” Mr Hanton said.

Speaking on the party’s policies, the candidate said the Australian Federation Party policies were broad enough to cover all towns across the electorate.

“These include housing affordability and our policy is about making housing more affordable and trying to help low-income earners,” Mr Hanton said.

“There is also the issue of the cost of living continuing to go up.

“We will be adding more policies coming up such as one surrounding NDIS which I never knew was an issue until recently.”