No wind at Beachport


GIANT kites filled the air last Sunday morning in Beachport.

The town is famous for its strong winds, but on the day conditions were not helpful.

Adelaide Kite Flyers Association president Ellie Richie said they were lucky to get the 30 kites up.

“The wind was a little bit hard to start with it was difficult to get them up,” she said.

“But now [in the afternoon] the wind is as dead as a doornail.

“Everyone has been telling us we should have been here yesterday, it was blowing a gail.”

Ms Richie said it was disappointing that she was unable to fly her favourite kites, two giant dragons, because of the slow wind.

But still Ms Richie said the group loves coming down to the South East, and would be making one more stop in Kingston before returning to Adelaide.

“They all love it, it is really enjoyable to be out here for the day,” she said.

“Hopefully we will be back next year.”

Ms Richie said Port MacDonnell has expressed interest in asking the club to attend next summer, but nothing is confirmed yet.