Residential aged care facility has Covid-19 positive residents

COVID POSITIVE RESIDENTS: Two residents at the Boandik Lodge Lake Terrace aged care facility have tested positive to Covid-19 with chief executive Gillian McGinty handling the situation with open communication. Photo: file.

Charlotte Varcoe

BOANDIK Lodge Aged Care facilities have implemented further restrictions on visitors after two residents tested positive for Covid-19 last weekend.

The Lakes Terrace facility will no longer allow visitors at all with other sites restricted to two visitors per day.

The two residents received positive rapid antigen tests on Sunday evening with the entire facility going into lockdown.

Boandik chief executive Gillian McGinty said residents were now isolating and SA Health staff Adelaide would perform PCR tests on all residents and staff.

“We had family advise us they were unwell and had been into the Covid testing station,” Ms McGinty said.

“We did a precautionary test with the resident and the other resident they had been in contact with.

“Both had returned positive.”

She said testing was conducted across the sites throughout the week with staff having accommodation available if they felt it was too risky.

“There has been a lot of community transmission in Mount Gambier and a lot of people who come in as visitors and staff,” Ms McGinty said.

“Whilst we have been cautious and open to reminding people not to come visit if they are unwell, there are a lot of people who are also asymptomatic and not aware they are spreading it.”

The chief executive said the reopening of the aged care facility would be determined on the results from SA Health after testing had been conducted.

“It is usually 10 days from the first infectious case and if we are able to keep it to just those residents that is when we will be looking at reopening, however all residents remain in isolation in the area that is affected,” she said.

“Residents seem okay for the moment and we have organised telephone calls and video calls with family members while others are opting to do window visits to keep in contact.

“We are planning on keeping open communication with everyone to make sure all family members and members of the community are aware of what is going on.”