Enforcing mask mandates

SO THE RIGHT THING: Superintendent Campbell Hill warned anyone bothering business workers about masks could cop a nasty fine.

Elsie Adamo

WITH the border open, there is now extra pressure on local businesses to make sure patrons are adhering to health directives.

But what are workers meant to do when the public does not always comply?

Limestone Coast Superintendent Campbell Hill said he did not want business workers to end up in a risky situation.

“It is just not worth it,” Supt. Hill said.

“People are not being employed to do that role.

“Ring the police is the simple message, and we will come and sort them out.

“By and large when people are causing a disturbance, the minute they know police are on their way they shoot through anyway.

“The best thing we as a community can do is support businesses by doing the right thing.

“We have already seen in the space of a few days several venues and areas within the Limestone Coast that has come under different levels of contact.

“That is just our new business as usual.”

Supt. Hill said that the community has so far been doing the right thing.

“Community uptake has been exceptionally good,” he said.

“We have had a really good run of rehearsing what is now critically important to us.

“Every now and again we are seeing those odd people that might be turned away or questioned.

“The best thing we as a community can do, is support businesses by doing the right thing.”

Members of the community can be fined more than $1,000 for not complying with Covid-19 directives.

“It is a significant amount of money, if people are not going to be compliant with the direction, they run the risk of either receiving an expiation notice, or if they really want to push the issue they can be arrested,” Supt. Hill said.

Mark Perry, manager and Covid marshall at Metro Bakery, said there have only been a few incidents where people have been asked to leave.

“Some people do refuse to do it, I will ask them to check in, and they will refuse so I ask them to leave,” Mr Perry said.

“The do huff and puff, but they will leave.

“I have boxes of masks and will offer them if they have forgotten.

“I have not been in a bad situation where I have gotten abused.

“If it does happen, I want to be the one who cops it, I do not want any other staff member to have to go through that.

“Everyone is pretty good, does what they are told and follows the rules.”