Bumper crop

GOOD PRICES: Limestone Coast farmer Robert Chant, with Tilly, in his canola crop.

LIMESTONE coast farmer Robert Chant said, despite heavy winter rains, his canola crop is looking “pretty good”.

Mr Chant said the price for canola was the biggest driver for planting the crop this year.

“I try to fit canola into the rotation (of crops) every year – it’s about 30 per cent of our cropping area,” Mr Chant said.

“The price is up over $800 per ton this year, up from about $600 last year and there is a forecast that it (canola) could reach over $1000 per ton.”

He said the growth in demand for Australian canola has been driven by drought in America.

“That seems to push the world markets the most…what happens in America is followed by Europe – we are only a drop in the ocean here,” Mr Chant said.

He said he was very confident with the climate in the Limestone Coast for cropping.

“We have very reliable weather.”