Stitches celebrate massive milestone

WELCOMING ALL: The Mount Gambier Branch of Embroiderer's South Australian member Robyn Inverarity welcomes all to experience the different varieties of embroidery the guild has to offer.

Charlotte Varcoe

FIFTY years of embroidery within the Mount Gambier region is celebrated through an elaborate display at the Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre this month.

The Mount Gambier branch of Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia will continue its celebration of the milestone alongside its 17 members with the exhibition ‘Thousands of uses for Millions of Needles’ available on the Riddoch’s King Floor room.

Branch member Robyn Inverarity – who has been a part of the statewide group since 1986 – said members were generally supportive of one another with skill levels varying.

“Sometimes we meet up to have embroidery classes and other times we just workshop our projects,” Ms Inverarity said.

“All members have a range of embroidery projects with some people enjoying cross stitch and others enjoying other forms.

“Cross stitch is usually the best place to start and yet some have already moved onto more complicated projects, such as Norwegian embroidery.”

Ms Inverarity said throughout the years, there had been an increase in non-traditional embroidery which also enhances imagination and creativity.

“There is nothing wrong with non-traditional embroidery and it is perfectly okay for some to break the rules at times as embroidery is a creative outlet,” she said.

“Our group is a major social interaction which is so important these days, because participating in these groups gives people a reason to come out – especially those who may have lost their partner.”

She said many members took great joy in embroidery and the process of completing projects with a number available for public viewing.

“The process for embroidery is quite meditative and at the moment our membership is largely retired ladies but I think that may also be driven by many people having to work during our regular meeting times,” she said.

“Although we do meet at night sometimes, we are always encouraging more members to come join us.”

The guild’s exhibition will be on display at the Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre until October 25.