Mount Burr CFS receives second-hand truck

REPLACEMENT TRUCK: Mount Burr Country Fire Service has received an updated truck to replace its old single cab (pictured).

MOUNT Burr Country Fire Service (CFS) crew members will no longer have to sit in the rear deck of a single cab truck during an emergency burn over after receiving a replacement twin-cab truck.

After Covid-related delays, the refurbished vehicle was delivered to the Mount Burr station in early August.

The second-hand vehicle was previously used by the Williamstown CFS and replaced one of the oldest in the Wattle Range Group fleet, which provided little protection in the event of a burn over.

The replacement truck has in-cab breathing equipment, heat deflecting window curtains and a cabin spray system.

CFS director operational infrastructure and logistics Lee Watson said the agency had replaced 11 trucks in the lower South East as part of the organisation’s ongoing maintenance program.

Mr Watson said planning was underway to replace the Maauope and Kalangadoo trucks, while Monbulla’s truck replacement will be considered as part of future planning.

“There are many factors that contribute to determining where and how the CFS replaces trucks, such as the age and condition of a brigade’s current fleet, as well as how often and what type of incidents the brigade attends,” he said.

“We are committed to ensuring that our vehicles are up to an appropriate standard so that our personnel can be safe on the fire ground.”

Last year, the Mount Burr CFS station was upgraded to a two-bay shed and also includes a meeting room, toilets and washing facilities.

The previous Mount Burr CFS facility was built in 1973 on Pettman Terrace but became unsuited to larger fire trucks.