Fringe Festival returns

FRINGE UP: Recurring performers Tristan with jazz performer Julia Unger and Keith Hamilton as they prepare for the 2022 Mount Gambier Fringe Festival.

Charlotte Varcoe

MOUNT Gambier will be transported to another world next year with the Fringe Festival receiving the green light once again.

Following the cancellation of the mammoth event in 2020 artists, performers and musicians alike are expecting to go all out following the 2021 mini festival.

With this year’s theme being Out of this World, the local Fringe Festival committee continues to encourage businesses, residents and schools to get involved in the annual FringeUP competition.

Recurring performers expressed their excitement for the festival to return once again with community front of mind.

Jazz singer and performer Fiona Unger said the festival was a fantastic opportunity for local artists to showcase their talent across a broad spectrum.

Being a part of the festival for a number of years Ms Unger said it was the Mount Gambier festival which allowed her to also perform in Adelaide’s festival both of which shows were sold out.

“Having the opportunity to perform at the Fringe here really kick-starts careers in performing and it is amazing that it is able to come back because in a way we have been lucky with the event because this year’s event and next year’s event have avoided lockdowns so far,” Ms Unger said.

“We just want to get back and enjoy music and entertainment with groups and friends because things have been so rough for the music industry and it is great to be able to come back.”

Ms Unger encouraged community members to attend events throughout the up and coming festival to further the support for local artists.

“We cannot forget about local artists because we have some really talented people in this region and they have been doing it hard here with everyone else.”

Mount Gambier performer Keith Hamilton echoed Ms Unger’s comments stating the festival created a fantastic area for the wider community and brought the arts community back together.

“The festival awakens the artistic spirit and allows people to express their artistic interpretations freely within the entire festival aspect,” Mr Hamilton said.

“The community responds so well to the festival and with our last couple of shows so well and it has been phenomenal that this happens within the region.”

Despite taking a year off from the event Mount Gambier artist Maharnia Nube said she was ecstatic the event was going ahead once more following the 2021 mini-festival.

“The 2021 Fringe event was so different to our usual events because we did not have a lift off party which is usually a huge event and hopefully in the coming years this may be able to come back in some form,” Ms Nube said.

“We were ready for this year’s event and the team were ready and we thought it was fantastic and although we had so much more planned then what we could deliver we were still pushed as far as we could this year.

“Artists should not be afraid to participate in the festival and they shouldn’t doubt themselves because any idea is a good idea and it is never weird so they should just be open to the committee and be professional and have your plan sorted,” she said.

The 2022 Fringe Festival will begin March 25 until April 2 with open access registrations open mid-September until mid-December with venues, performers and artists encouraged to join along.