Brothers create sweet success

SWEET TOOTH SUCCESS: Two Bros Dough brothers Henry and Cooper Medhurst showcase the large quantity of cookies set to be distributed to local businesses.

Charlotte Varcoe

SWEET success of selling homemade cookie dough has resulted in two Mount Gambier brothers becoming young entrepreneurs.

Brothers Cooper and Henry Medhurst developed the idea of making and selling tubs of cookie dough through social media with the small business kicking up a storm for sweet tooth enthusiasts.

The two agreed cookie dough would be the best product, resulting in over 100 cookies sold to local businesses such as Crave Dessert Bar each week and selling over 60 tubs of cookie dough at markets held throughout the year.

Their fairy bread cookies are now used as part of the new dessert bar’s popular ice cream sandwiches, which have been a raging sweet success.

Following their devised recipe, two brothers can typically make five tubs per batch.

With five flavours to choose from, the brothers said they have enjoyed bringing joy to people across Mount Gambier with their product.

Cooper said the idea developed following their enjoyment of baking with their mother with their favourite part of baking was taste testing their products.

“We sell our dough with people who order online through social media and they just come and pick it up but we also sell at markets across town as well,” Cooper said.

“We have had heaps of people come by at the markets which is awesome and the first market we were at we thought we had enough for two days but sold out in one so we had to come home that night and make more.

“People usually tell us how great it is that we are doing this and how great it is that there are kids doing something like running their own business too.”

The brothers agreed there were benefits to creating their own business, labelling it as a learning curve.

Henry said the learning experience of handling money, hosting stalls and dealing with customers had set them up for future endeavours.

“We also enjoy just having our own hard earned money and being able to save our money and spend it as we wish is a really good feeling,” he said.

Henry said despite the deliciousness of the cookie dough, it was not recommended to eat straight out of the tub due to the flour not being heat treated.

“We do know that people do eat cookie dough raw but our cookie dough is not one of the ones you can eat straight out of the tub, it is the type of dough that is supposed to be made into cookies so people cannot eat it raw,” he said.

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