‘Tuff’ experience for Mount Gambier students


NORTH Primary School recently had an exclusive visit of thanks from South Australia Police and Australian Defence Force.

Before the holiday break, students wrote letters of gratitude to police officers, military personal, nurses and support staff who have been working around the clock during the COVID-19 crisis.

SAPOL and ADF personnel visited the education site to provide a presentation thanking students during an end-of-term assembly.

Service men and women were grateful for the support and made the effort to attend the school and present gifts including two special minted coins and a hardcopy acknowledgement.

Mr Harmer accepted these tokens on behalf of the school and was overwhelmed by the gesture.

Following the presentation, SAPOL and ADF helped host special event Tuff Truck.

The event was a family-friendly boot camp style experience involving tire flipping, bar raisers, tug of war, heavy bucket challenge and a mud race.

Families were encouraged to participate and students and parents alike had fun during the challenge.