Serious assault case adjourned

A NEW Zealand man faces a potentially lengthy stint behind bars after he allegedly attacked his former partner with scissors, cutting her face.

Robert Broughton, 37, appeared in the Mount Gambier Magistrates Court after being charged with serious aggravated assaults and breaches of an intervention order.

The prosecution said the most serious incident occurred on December 22 in Kingston when the victim and defendant became involved in an argument.

After becoming increasingly agitated, Broughton allegedly pushed the victim onto a couch before slapping and punching her.

The prosecution will allege he then threatened the victim with more violence.

“If I’m going to jail, I might as well make it worth it,” he said to the victim.

The victim managed to run out of the house, however when she turned around she saw Broughton holding a pair of scissors.

He lunged towards her, causing three large lacerations.

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene to find the victim covered in blood.

The court heard, Broughton could not recall the assaults because he was coming down from “ice”, but denied having scissors in his hand.

Broughton also breached an intervention order, which is in place to prevent him from being in company with the victim.

He was also charged with breaching the same intervention order on November 22 when the pair were found in each other’s company.

While Broughton asked to be sentenced for the matter, Magistrate Teresa Anderson encouraged him to seek legal advice.

“These are allegations of very serious aggravated assaults,” Magistrate Anderson said.

“You are looking at a fairly lengthy term of imprisonment.”

Broughton listened to Magistrate Anderson’s advice and agreed to seek legal advice before the matter was adjourned.