Council projects progress

MOUNT Gambier City Council will continue to progress a range of engineering projects across the city during May.

Civil works at the reuse market site are 20pc completed, on track for the facility to start operating in October.

The second stage of the Rail Trail, extending the shared path from White Avenue to Jubilee Highway West, is 70pc completed.

Installation of a disc golf course at the Valley Lakes precinct is 95pc completed.

Council’s carpark resurfacing program is 90pc completed.

Road construction on Caldwell Street and Elizabeth Street in the city centre is 60pc and 30pc completed respectively.

Construction of a concrete footpath on Wireless Road East, near Conroe Heights, is 50pc completed.

Drainage works on Elizabeth Street are 60pc completed, while drainage works and road construction on Blackall Lane is 50pc completed.

Road reconstruction on Bailey Street and shoulder repairs on Hawkins Road have been finished.