New general local law commences

GLENELG Shire residents will continue to enjoy the region’s great lifestyle following the adoption of the new General Local Law, which commenced last week.

Councillors adopted the General Local Law 2018 at the December ordinary council meeting, endorsing the document in its entirety, which also includes the draft footpath trading policy and the draft itinerant trading policy.

The general local law protects the amenity and environment, control and keeping of animals, activities on roads and council land, protection of council assets and control of building sites.

Mayor Anita Rank said the proposed local law amendments were reflective of community views following extensive consultation.

“As part of the General Local Law 2018, cat owners will note that between 7pm and 7am their cats will be confined to their property to help ensure the safety of our neighbourhoods,” she said.

“Any person in control of a dog must now carry a bag for the purpose of cleaning up after the dog and must carry a lead or similar to bring the dog under control, preventing them from being a nuisance or endangering others.

“This will ensure public spaces will now be more enjoyable for all pet owners, giving them the ability to enjoy public land as well as allowing others to feel safe in our beautiful park lands.”

The new suite of laws also includes recreational use of motorised vehicles, busking and collecting on roads and footpaths, outdoor dining on public land, lighting and managing of fires, use of council land, including road verges and footpaths, animal keeping, moving livestock across council land, sale of goods on council land and dealing with abandoned vehicles on council land.

Ms Rank thanked the many community members who provided feedback during the consultation process.

“Your comments have helped identify issues for council to consider when protecting the amenity of our townships, the health and safety of our residents and allow for us all the enjoy the great lifestyle that we have here in the Glenelg Shire,” she said.