Christmas creation crafted by Penola Primary School students

ANGELIC CREATIONS: Penola Primary School Year 1 students Ellie and Chelsea had fun making angels from recycled materials with SSO Janet Brodie, foundation student Imogen, Year 1 student Daxton and foundation student Lillith.

PENOLA Primary School students were busy crafting Christmas creations as the school year drew to a close.

Penola Primary School school services officer Janet Brodie said school staff busily prepared for the activities during the last few weeks of Term 4.

“The crafting and interactive activities are held at lunch time in the library and are organised by our school support officers,” Ms Brodie said.

“We try to recycle as much as we can and we utilise this in our crafting sessions.

“It is so lovely because the children seem to really love it.”

Ms Brodie said she loved working with students to choose the craft designs for the week.

“We have lots of fun choosing what to make and getting it all organised.

“We have been using old books that have been deleted from the school library and used them to make the angels.

“There is less art in the curriculum now, so we do this at Christmas time for students to create gifts or in collaboration with other events including the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival.”

The work is displayed in the school for visitors to view.

“We sometimes do a display on the street if we can to showcase their talents,” Ms Brodie said.

“We have previously collaborated with Pinchunga and are steadily organising another involvement.”

Ms Brodie said the activities allowed some students to create imaginative pieces of artwork.

“It is funny as although we have set picture of what you can make, kids go off and use their imagination and create all sorts of things,” Ms Brodie said.

“The interactive component of this activity brings another component of learning for the students.

“The creative children come and express themselves, working together with other students.”

All year levels are invited to participate.

“Sometimes you are disappointed with the numbers, but then you remember they are outside enjoying the weather and being active,” Ms Brodie said.

“It is a free choice activity, some come every day because they just love it.

“Next year we may try and integrate it more and get students engaging with the community.”