Millicent High School Year 12 Graduation

CLASS OF 2018: The Millicent High School graduating class of 2018 students celebrated the end of their schooling years at the Millicent Civic and Arts Centre on the weekend. Among the Year 12s were (back left) Brenton Vella, Ryan Hoffmann, Lachlan Beelitz, Mason Pratt, Fraser Haines, Zaelah Wallis, Brandon Jones, Dylan Randall, Adam Sandow, Mason O'Rielly, (middle left) Holly Tyers, Lani Bowering, Bobbie Weistra, Aimee Deckert, Kasey Lansdowne, Kelsie Wilkinson, Sophie Falting, Alana Butler, Courtney Williams and Jessica Stevens-Friday (front left), Madelynne Beckett, Natalia Marshall, Hope Devlin, Kayla Kang, Charli Milton and Zoe Fennell. Picture: TODD'S PHOTOGRAPHICS