Mount Gambier drivers ‘rack up’ $500,000 in traffic fines

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DRIVERS NABBED: A total of 1390 drivers were caught speeding by fixed or mobile speed cameras, while a further 244 people were flashed by fixed red light cameras in Mount Gambier. Picture: TODD LEWIS

DRIVERS who tried to run the gauntlet in Mount Gambier streets last financial year were not so lucky, with speed and red light cameras raising more than $500,000 in revenue.

Statistics provided by the RAA showed


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So that would be another half a million dollars ( on top of all the taxes we pay that never return) taken out of our community to pay for football ovals, tram rip ups, politician’s booze and more freeways up in Adelaide then eh?
Funny how for all this alleged speeding there hasnt been any increase in reported road accidents around suburban Gambier.
Ahh Revenue Raising….. Good thing we were forced to lower the speed limits to unrealistic levels eh?

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