Strong fuel efficiency standards the key to $13 billion benefit for Australians

Climate Council Head of Advocacy, Dr Jennifer Rayner.

AUSTRALIANS can individually save up to $1200 a year on vehicle running costs if the federal government delivers strong fuel efficiency standards, new modelling commissioned by the Climate Council and Electric Vehicle Council shows.

The analysis found that Australians could collectively share in up to $13.6 billion in net benefits by 2035 from reduced vehicle running costs, cleaner air and less environmental damage if we design new fuel efficiency standards well.

Importantly, strong fuel efficiency standards would result in up to 31 million fewer tonnes of harmful pollution over the next decade, and rapidly increase the number of low and zero emissions vehicles available to buy.

Australia is lagging behind as one of the only wealthy countries lacking fuel efficiency standards, which already cover 80 percent of the global car market.

Climate Council Head of Advocacy, Dr Jennifer Rayner, said: “This modelling underlines that a strong fuel efficiency standard will deliver huge benefits for Australians in cheaper running costs for vehicles, while also reducing pollution and climate harm from transport emissions.

“This means Australians can keep more of their hard-earned cash – instead of watching it rapidly drain away at the petrol bowser.

“Australia cannot remain a dumping ground for expensive, polluting vehicles that cost our hip-pockets, health, and environment. Every day we wait to put in place strong fuel efficiency standards means Australians are paying more than they should for fuel, and pumping out more harmful pollution.”

Climate Councillor and energy expert, Greg Bourne, said: “Australian drivers will win from strong fuel efficiency standards – whether they’re buying a more efficient vehicle or an electric one.

“These standards are a critical policy lever the federal government can pull to help us catch up to the rest of the world, but the benefits will only be as good as the strength of the policy we settle on.

“The government can rev Australia out of the mud and implement robust fuel efficiency standards. This will help accelerate supply and stimulate a fall in the price of low and zero emissions vehicles that Aussie drivers can choose from. It will also have widespread flow-on benefits of cleaner air, cheaper running costs, and fewer emissions we can all share.”

The Australian Government can help unlock these benefits by delivering fuel efficiency standards that:

* Set Australia on a strong pathway to a zero emissions fleet – with the objective of all new vehicles sold being zero emissions by 2035 at the latest.

* Align with other car markets like New Zealand, the United States and Europe as a minimum – so Australia moves up the queue for cleaner, cheaper vehicles.

* Deliver genuine reductions in emissions from new cars sold in Australia – avoiding credits and loopholes that undermine their effectiveness.

* Are mandatory and legislated – auto manufacturers shouldn’t be able to opt out.

* Start as soon as possible – every new vehicle sold today will likely be on the road for at least the next 10 years, so we cannot delay.