1962 Vespa Scooter

RESTORING enthusiast Paul Jupe has recreated and personalised his 1962 Vespa Scooter, which he used as regular transport.

Purchasing it in 1968 for $245, Mr Jupe used the vehicle when traveling to college in Adelaide and was drawn to the scooter as it was able to creatively be adapted.

“The scooter was an affordable travel option as they were a low cost vehicle to run, using 1 gallon of fuel a week,” Mr Jupe said.

“They could easily be adapted and used as working vehicles, as a trailer could be attached on the back for use on a farm.”

The Italian made scooter was originally constructed following World War II as they were easy to manufacture due to the minimal material required.

Filled with rich history the Vespa scooter was used as a fashion symbol and statement in the sixties and those who rode it were often rivaled with groups who opted to drive a motorbike.

“They were used as a fashion symbol in the late sixties and were designed to reflect their owners artistic flare,” Mr Jupe said.

He explained owning a Vespa in that era was a lifestyle and reflected the vibrant Italian culture.

After using the vehicle frequently, it became badly dis-repaired and sat in Mr Jupe’s shed for around 30 years.

“I finally decided to restore the entire body, wiring, added racks, accessories and painted it Candy Apple red and Old English white to make it more upmarket,” Mr Jupe said.

Any further parts needed for the scooter are able to easily be purchased from Bali.

The vintage scooter is now valued at around $3000 to $4000.

Mr Jupe has a collection of other vehicles he enjoys restoring and is a member of the Mount Gambier Veteran and Vintage Car Club.

“The vehicle is drivable, however I use it as my own personal keep sake,” Mr Jupe said.