Mount Gambier dealership rammed with influx of new vehicle sales

Chris Hann Ram TBW Newsgroup
GROWING IN DEMAND: Carlin and Gazzard RAM Trucks sales manager Chris Hann says RAM Trucks continue to grow in popularity. Picture: MOLLY TAYLOR

BIG WHEELS have kept trade turning for Mount Gambier vehicle dealership Carlin and Gazzard with a luxury American truck line increasing in popularity across the Limestone Coast.

Established in Australia five years ago, RAM Trucks Australia recorded its best monthly sales last month with 604 vehicles sold, an increase of 130pc in a new-car market that was down by 6.4pc.

Carlin and Gazzard currently sits fifth nationally for RAM Truck sales delivered in the first half of 2020 as stock continues to drive out of its showroom.

Ram Trucks sales manager Chris Hann said he had seen the popularity of the United States line gradually grow in demand since the dealership became a stockist in 2015.

Personally drawn to the practicality and size of the eye-catching vehicles, Mr Hann said a large selling point for interested clients was the 4.5-tonne towing capacity the truck line offered, as well as ride comfort and bang for buck.

“I think the Australian market has embraced the brand as it a very neat vehicle line,” Mr Hann said.

“An appeal for many is although they are commercial vehicles, they do not incur a luxury car tax, which many main competitors do.

“It is still only niche, but the demand is there and it is growing.”

Considering the game-changing RAM 1500 to be a top seller for the dealership, Mr Hann said there was a number of variations to suit all buyers.

“There are two cabin sizes for the RAM 1500 including the Express Quad Cab option with a massive 6’4” cargo tub.

“This model is targeting tradesmen as it has a similar sort of size rear to what a conventional dual cab has, maximising tub space.

“There is also the Express Crew Cab option which is accompanied with a 5’7” cargo tub.”

Mr Hann said the vehicle’s fullsize cabin allowed up to five adults to travel comfortably.

“They are very popular in America for obvious reasons which is where the Australian history stems from,” he said.

“They are made on a small production of around 60 to 70 vehicles a week in Clayton, Melbourne where they are re-manufactured to right-hand drive under the licence RAM Trucks America.

“This is Australia’s first exposure and opportunity to factory-backed pick-up trucks and you can tell the population is really embracing them.”

Mr Hann said RAM Truck was releasing the special edition 1500 Warlock later this month which will be will be capped at a 600 vehicle production run and will be available in six colours with a crew cab variant.

“This fits in just below top of the range with an aggressive sort of look and characteristics which I think will definitely appeal to the Australian market.”

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