Malseed drives drought relief initiative

DROUGHT RELIEF: Jason Malseed has developed the “Save Elite Stud Stock” idea and is calling on farmers to get involved. Picture: TODD LEWIS

SOUTH East real estate agent and cattle breeder Jason Malseed is driving a community action to bring relief to drought-stricken farmers by encouraging locals to agist a small number of animals at no cost.

Jason came up with the idea of “Saving Elite Stud Stock” whilst laying in bed one night thinking of how he would feel if he was a drought-affected farmer.

“I lay awake one night thinking of how devastating and stressful it would be if I as a stud breeder of cattle for over 15 years had only a handful of my best breeding cows left due to a drought and were about to sell them leaving me with none,” Jason said.

“My mind started wandering with some very negative thoughts.”

He said it would be gut-wrenching for farmers who were unable to feed or water their last remaining animals.

People breeding stud cattle (and sheep) are generally very passionate about it,” Jason said.

“Could you imagine if for the last few years you had been selling off almost all animals except your last remaining few and the realization came you could no longer financially support the purchase of water and fodder.”

Jason called on the community to band together to provide assistance to drought-stricken farmers.

“We are looking for local farmers prepared to ‘free of charge’ agist a small number of animals each,” he said.

“Obviously there are many questions, like who is responsible for the animals, different health status requirements, primary industry requirements, veterinary requirements, legalities etc.”

“We have been working closely with solicitors, vets, PIRSA and other governing bodies so we believe most bases are covered but we just need farmers at this stage who are in a position where they could take a few animals on board.”

To get involved or to donate hay, you can phone Jason Malseed on 0419 032 795 or email

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