Council to address seaside road concerns

EFFICIENCY FOCUS: The Port MacDonnell lobster fleet may benefit from research into cray pot designs to potentially improve catch rates. Picture: KATIE JACKSON

GRANT District Council will renew its advocacy efforts to address the road surface at the eastern end of Sea Parade following concerns by residents about the “uncomfortable” and “noisy vehicle travel” on the road.

In a letter to council, residents said the State Government road had never been correctly resurfaced after the completion of wastewater management scheme work and comprised of numerous rough sections, bumps and patched pot holes.

“The edges are also cracking away and this all results in uncomfortable and indeed noisy vehicle travel on the road, even leading to some vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the rough areas,” the letter said.

“There are also areas where vehicles and especially trailers hit the rough patches with loud bangs, disturbing residents’ sleep particularly in the early hours as fishermen head to work.”

Grant District Council works manager Adrian Schultz told chamber staff he had previously discussed upgrading the road with departmental staff, but was unsuccessful in securing funding.

“What we wanted for them was to upgrade the road to a standard we are happy with,” he said.

“We wrote to them and they basically said there were not interested.

“They did not want to contribute to upgrading that part of Sea Parade.”

Mayor Richard Sage suggested council attempt to contact the State Government, saying “it would be a worthwhile thing to do political”.

“The departmental officers are not the ones who are allocated the money,” he said.

“There is a new minister in place and we should see the opportunities with have with him.”

Councillors agreed to write a letter to Mount Gambier MP Troy Bell urging him to progress the condition of the eastern end of Sea Parade with Infrastructure and Transport Minister Corey Wingard.